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Type is everywhere. Every print publication, website, movie, advertisement and public message involves the creation or selection of a fitting typeface. Online, a rich and artistic typographical culture exists, where typefaces are created and graphic design seeps in to every image.

In episode 2 of Off Book, typeface designers Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones outline the importance of selecting the right font to convey a particular feeling. Graphic designer Paula Scher talks about building identity in messaging, while Eddie Opara uses texture to create reaction. Infographic designers Julia Vakser and Deroy Peraza map complicated data sets into digestible imagery, mixing color, graphics and type.


The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding

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The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding, by Al Ries and Laura Ries was written in 2000, and SO much has happened in the practice of online business branding since then, yet many of their laws are still relevant and helpful to growing your business online.

Many of the examples in their book are of larger companies, but many of the “laws” will apply to your business, too. Here’s a short recap of the 11 laws:

1. The Law of Either/Or
The Internet should be viewed as an entirely new business, starting from scratch, not just a new medium through which an existing business will be communicating it message.

2. The Law of Interactivity
This law contends that a website must be interactive and engaging for the best chance of success.

3. The Law of the Common Name
Common names such as or make poor brands.

4. The Law of the Proper Name
The corollary of Law 3 says that proper names are preferred over generic names. Ries and Ries suggest that the best names will follow most of these eight principles: 1.) short, 2.) simple, 3.) suggestive of the category, 4.) unique, 5.) alliterative, 6.) speakable, 7.) shocking, and 8.) personalized.

5. The Law of Singularity
This law affirms that, whereas in the bricks-and-mortar world, there is room for a number two brand, on the Internet there is room for only one. Smaller businesses must be niche players and aspire to be number one in their chosen niche. « Read the rest of this entry »

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

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The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al Reis

22 Immutable Laws of Branding

The power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope

A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus

The birth of a brand is achieved with publicity, not advertising

Once born, a brand needs advertising to stay healthy

A brand should strive to own a word in the mind of the consumer

The crucial ingredient in the success of any brand is its claim to authenticity

Quality is important, but brands are not built on quality alone

A leading brand should promote the cateogry, not the brand « Read the rest of this entry »

Thank U, DLSU

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Me with Raleene, Nina, Dan, Eyang and friend (sorry I forgot)

To Dan, Eyang, and the DLSU Student Council and the Council of Student Organizations, Thank you for inviting me over to talk at the Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP) about “Blogging to Fame“.

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It’s my Birthday!

What is HTML5?

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5 Simple Rules for a Better Blog Design

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Rule 5: Making advertising elements minimal and deleting every kind of advertising from the body of the articles.

source: 5 Simple Rules for a Better Blog Design

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